Thursday, February 19, 2009

After a very long sabatical, I am back at the blogging again. I noticed that folks are consistantly reading my old posts. In fact, traffic has been increasing, even though I have not been updating!
That just really hammered home how important it is I update this thing.

I am back in the states, but I have LOTS of unpublished material and many contacts in Mondragon that can provide up to date content. I apologize for my past inconsistency. Anyway...

First of all, as of March of last year the name MCC, or Mondragon Cooperative Corporation (Mondragón Cooperación Cooperativa), is now officially out. Instead, the name that many folks all over the world used to informally refer to the coops Mondragon, is now official.

Along with the new name comes a new slogan "Humanity at Work" and a new logo, etc. The have also moved the website to, although still works fine.

Certainly, the adoption of the motto, "Humanity at Work" shows the Mondragon is committed to having the social side of the Experience front and center in terms of marketing.

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