Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Just spoke to someone from Fagor Electrodomesticos. Probably one of the most well known MCC companies (at least in Europe). They are a large producer of appliance, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, hotwater heaters, sinks etc. I will be interviewing with them next week or the following about an internship. It will be related to a new product, the DRIRON, which is a new product that dries and irons clothes at the same time. Anyway, would be working in some capacity where my English is needed for research of markets, marketing etc.

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Matt Hancock said...

Hey Dan.

Sorry I've been AWOL for a while. Two weeks in Italy will do that to you.

After we parted ways at Cagliari airport, we headed to Bologna.

In three days, I crammed in a bunch of meetings: one with the cabinet-level official in charge of economic development for Emilia-Romagna, then meetings with some of the leadership in the Imola cooperative movement.

Imola wants to do a tour of US co-ops in July.

They're also working with the national government in Rome on introducing legislation in Italy that's similar to our ESOPs here.

While you can get some help for converting a business in crisis to a co-op, there's no good way to transfer ownership of a healthy company to its employees--that is there's no tax incentives that make this easy.

I'll try and update my blog more often... looking forward to hearing what's going on with you.